When reflecting on my number one influence on my design philosophy, growing up in a multicultural family has to be my number one informant. Coming from Brooklyn, a multicultural melting pot, has to be second. Understanding how others view the world informs my design aesthetic, as well as my interest in a variety of topics such as history, art, emotion, and abstract thinking. While functionality in a garment is key, thought, reflection, understanding and creativity derived from an intricate process of research and meditation are what I find to drive interest. I find inspiration in concrete objects, momentary feelings, historical and social issues. While I am constantly feeling like I am closer than I have ever been to truly knowing myself as a designer, my main motive is always to continue questioning that ultimatum, allowing myself to keep experimenting and exploring. My message is uniquely crafted from my personal experiences and thoughts, with my designs instigating a thought provoking exchange between the wearer and myself.